The 5 Worst NBA Contracts You May Not Know
The 5 Worst NBA Contracts You May Not Know

We hear all about the sports stars and teams that have the most lucrative contracts. The Tom Brady's of the NFL and the Stephen Curry's of the NBA. But what about the people who aren't getting the lucrative contracts? Or what about the people who are getting good contracts when they really don't deserve them?

The Lowest of the Low

Ben Wallace

How about Tom King for the bottom of the barrel when it comes to bad contracts? He was signed to the now-defunct Detroit Falcons for $16,500 in 1946, which was a huge salary at the time and then he performed spectacularly ... badly. If we mention Ben Wallace you may not think that he deserves to be on a list of bad contracts for the NBA. After all, he was a great player, right? But toward the end of his time he wasn't so great, and he still managed to net a 4-year, $60 million contract in 2006, when he was 31 years old. Even worse, however, was Todd MacCulloch who managed a 6-year, $34 million contract in 2001 ... and then only played 96 total games before retiring from medical issues.

A Rise to the Top ... or Not

Gilbert Arenas

Shawn Kemp of CLE had a 7-year contract in 1997 for $107 million, which may not seem bad for him or the team ... except he played a shortened first season and then showed up at training camp over 300 pounds. He never did get back to the player was when he was first signed. And there's Gilbert Arenas, who managed a contract for $111 million over 6 years. And then ended up injured, involved in an armed standoff, and costing the team another expensive contract. In the end ... he wasn't worth the money.